miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Questions and answers of (faq) Japan - Osaka - Kansai region

Don´t go to Japan, this is the best advice that you will find in the net.

What to see in Japan?

Is true that japanesse people are very kind and funny?

In Japan I will fell like at home?
_Not at all.

If somebody give me a free tryp to Japan what I can do?
_Take a wood chair and broke it in the head of that person

I have two posibilitys for my hoolidays, going to japan or going to Benidorm, what I should do?
_Go to Benidorm

I have 700€ I should buy a luxury chair in a Shoping Mall or go to Japan?
_In the chair you can rest in Japan there are nothing to do.

Can I go with my grandmother to Japan?
_Just send the grandmother by fedex

I have to go working in Japan, should I go?
_Quit the job and work in a Burguer King

Japan is the best country in the world to visit?
_Is the worst.

I am in Japan, now what I can do?
_Take a plane to China.

A lot of people tell me that Japan is awsome and that is like travelling to the moon, is true?
_A lot of people also like Bush and think that the US protect us from evil countries. Of course is not true idiot!

The judge make me choose between two options: Going to Japan for 15 days for tourism or rest in jail for one month, what I shoul do?
_At least in jail you can met people.

But, all the countries have something good, also Japan?

The Doctor tell me that I can only live if I go to Japan, should I go?
_Is not sure that heaven doesn´t exist, but is for sure that Japan is a big shit

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Parteupites dijo...

Hello dear prophet, I really don´t know why you re doing it, but to use their language is a good domination tactic, still trying n dont use the google idiom translator, is a fucking shit.

Go to shit in the sand.

El profeta Azul dijo...

Thank you my friend, like this you can improve your english to.

Is better to say: Go shitting in the sand.

Anónimo dijo...

No se para que viaja a Japón y luego lo insulta? Esta claro que hay un montón de países mejores que visitar y mucho más cerca, así que usted es un incompetente.
Sorry no inglish!

Anónimo dijo...

me kedo con esta frase:

"Take a wood chair and broke it in the head of that person" JAJAJJAJA

..and if that head belongs to Francisco Camps,who is not exactly a good person,then you'll get two points instead of one.

Saludos perillas si lees esto,en breve te volveremos a ver y a sufrir tus no-shows.